Punta Gorda Fly Fishing Charters

Captain Michael Manis

I've lived in Florida most of my life and there is nowhere I feel more comfortable than around the mangroves and grassflats that comprise my office. I'm a skiff guide and would rather throw fly than anything else. I've been teaching the sport of fly and light tackle since 2002. I'm old fashioned and still believe fishing should be fun. Teaching is my passion and beginning salt water fly fishers are welcome. Learning to cast is a lot of fun and I can help you build your confidence as well as fish


Fly fishing is one of the fastest growing segments of our sport. In fact, the bow of a skiff is a great spot to work a line. With plenty of room for a backcast combined with the bow and casting platform's elevated positioning, the teamwork that can be established between the angler on the poling platform and the bow makes for an enjoyable experience. In addition, all our gamefish naturally eat small baits and there's no better presentation than the soft landing that a small fly can make in a strike zone. All our saltwater species are worth targeting and there's too many to mention. However, here are a few of my favorites.

Tarpon - Snook - Red Fish - Trout

fly fishing poles on dock

Never Been Fly Fishing?

That's ok,  your never to old to learn.   I enjoy teaching fishermen the art of fly fishing.   Most people are amazed at how quickly they can pick up the basics and within no time your casting on your own and catching fish.   

Our Focus



Safety is always first on Captain Mikes boat. We have all the Coast Guard & First Aid equipment required. We are also First Aid certified



We only fish 1-2 Anglers at a time. This gives us the ability to give you the attention you deserve to make your trip enjoyable.



We are stewards of the mangroves and grass flats that make up our estuary. Understanding a healthy habitat is vital, we work to protect and enhance our fishery through multiple conservation programs.


& Release

Realizing our game fish are too valuable to catch only once. We practice catch and release. In addition, we also believe in “keeping them wet”. Keeping them out of the water as short as possible for a quick photo.


1 or 2 Anglers

4 Hours

6 Hours

8 Hours


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